After a long process of informal interaction and collaboration, Dusan Cotoras, Joaquin Zerené, and I have finally decided to consolidate our efforts in a joint platform of research. We have called this project Bucles, which is the Spanish word for loops. Through this project we are hoping to achieve two goals: on the one hand, to expand our individual research endeavors in order to explore and/or outline broader spaces of inquiry, and on the other, use those spaces to feed and boost our own personal works back.

Bucles’s work will be focused on the unfolding – in an ongoing permanent basis – of a critical inquiry about the techno-cultural and techno-social layers exacerbated by the current crises. To do this, we will use an essayistic approach fed by speculation and theory-fiction, which in turn navigates through, but at the same time goes beyond, the settings granted by contemporary critical theory, social theory, cultural studies, media theory, and cybernetic thinking. This work, which has already been deployed through our participation in the 2020-2021 Transmediale workshop, Research Refusal, can be read in the form of short entries in the notes section of our Website.

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