As in the radio?

[This note is a bilingual one —English and Spanish—, even though the referred content is only available in Spanish] [EN] A few months ago, the Anilla unit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Chile, invited me to take part of their podcast, Irrupciones en el MAC [Irruptions at the MAC]. Eventually, that became […]

Cybernetics of Exchange

During this summer semester 2020 (April to July/August-September), I will be teaching a seminar class for Master students at the Institute of Musicology and Media Sciences of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The class will be connected to some of the developments coming from my doctoral research on project Cybersyn, and hence it will tackle the concept […]

Friedrich Kittler

[This note is, for now, only available in Spanish. Entschuldigen Sie.] Friedrich Kittler, estoy convencido, es un pensador alemán cuya obra debe entrar, con decisión –y en mi opinión también con urgencia–, a las discusiones contemporáneas en arte, humanidades y ciencias sociales que se desarrollan en español. Con una prolífica obra que generalmente se divide […]