Individual Efforts B was an interactive installation for the critical exploration and analysis of worldwide economic data and its significance. It sought to trigger an unease reflection on how statistical and institutional apparatuses inform and are informed by politico-economic discourses – the visitors received no information but the posters, and a small label on the floor that said “Developing Indicators: Percentage of Internet Usage vs Gross National Income per Capita (South America, Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa).”

It consisted thus of two sets of five posters, each representing a continent: South America, Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa. The black set, hanging on the front, was done using data referring to Internet access. The white set, hanging on the back, was done using data of gross national income per capita. Near the posters there was a fan which was turned on, and thus blew the posters, only when somebody approached the pedestal where the fan was located. The data sets were downloaded from the public archive available at the World Bank’s website.