As in the radio?

[This note is a bilingual one —English and Spanish—, even though the referred content is only available in Spanish] [EN] A few months ago, the Anilla unit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Chile, invited me to take part of their podcast, Irrupciones en el MAC [Irruptions at the MAC]. Eventually, that became […]


Searching for Euclid

Invited by Francisca Morand (dancer) and Javier Jaimovich (sound artist) to collaborate in their Emovere project residency, I worked in team with Cristián Canto to create an interactive piece aiming to explore the body-machine relation in an experimental dance and sound context. Invoking the old tradition of Euclid’s algorithm as an actual actor in the history of culture and […]


Algorithmic Mediations for Agonism

Algorithmic Mediations for Agonism was a research-creation project developed by the Design and Agonism group, aiming to pursue an inquiry on how technical and technological apparatuses (more specifically, those algorithmically conditioned) could mobilize (or being themselves) agencies for dissensus and confrontation. The project had several phases and processes, and designed and developed several prototypes and tests (only two of them are shown here.) Among those processes […]


Remoteness of Light

Remoteness of Light is a research-creation project done in co-authorship with Bárbara Echaíz Bielitz as a discussion on darkness, light, and the design of nature; presented at the Dynamics of Darkness in the North conference in Reykjavík, Iceland during February 2015. The project aimed, firstly, to reflect on how technical developments (in this case one based […]


Central Monitor · Central Node

Central Monitor · Central Node was a software, an interface, and a platform to visualize and navigate through what I then called (2011) techno-political imaginaries. The software analyzed thousands of the so-called cables —originally they would have been actual cables, sent using telex technology— leaked by WikiLeaks in late 2010, in what was, among other […]


Visualizations for IEB

Media art project (part of Individual Efforts B) for the critical exploration and analysis of worldwide economic data and its meaning/no-meaning as such. It consisted in (a) the collection and parsing of public databases from the World Bank, (b) the development of a software, written in Processing, which (b1) mined the collected data, and (b2) visualized […]


Individual Efforts B

Individual Efforts B was an interactive installation for the critical exploration and analysis of worldwide economic data and its meaning/no-meaning as such. It sought to reflect on how statistical and institutional apparatuses relate to politico-economical discourses, and from there, to (re)think the role of visual representations in such sphere.


Individual Efforts A

Individual Efforts A was a video installation aiming to introduce the CyberSyn case as a major precedent to study the science, technology, and controversies complex from a media arts perspective.