The project INFORME: Device for activating and experimenting a non-space, is a temporary device for activating and experimenting a non-space. Created by a team formed by Cristián Gómez-Moya, Mario Marchant Lannefranque, Daniel Opazo Ortíz, and myself, and installed at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Chile, it consisted of designing a capsule to develop a curatorial program to artistically exploring and discussing the scope of the notion of Form, which in Chile’s fields of art, design, and architecture has harbored, many times, conservative agencies.

Thus, starting from Georges Bataille’s Formless, we planned a series of activities such as artistic performances and seminars to critically reflect on the local form’s tradition, whereas we published a bilingual compendium of alphabetic entries as a complementary apparatus to the whole process.