As a farewell activity from the Department of Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Chile, I organized two colloquia to discuss relevant topics which, in my understanding, play a key role when one is willing to move design, insofar as a University field, closer to contemporary thought. One of […]


Algorithmic Mediations for Agonism

Algorithmic Mediations for Agonism was a research-creation project developed by the Design and Agonism group, aiming to pursue an inquiry on how technical and technological apparatuses (more specifically, those algorithmically conditioned) could mobilize (or being themselves) agencies for dissensus and confrontation. The project had several phases and processes, and designed and developed several prototypes and tests (only two of them are shown here.) Among those processes […]


Landscape and gaze to the modes of describing events

Landscape and gaze to the modes of describing events was a research-creation project aiming to analyze and visualize the discursive events articulated and published by the Chilean digital media, which in general terms contribute to shape the local political landscape. Technically speaking, the project consisted in the development of a software and the design of an interface and a system […]


Info Leaks Posters

Self-reflecting project, whose aim was to study and explore the algorithmic visualization of techno-political information. It consisted in the development of a small piece of software, written in Processing, to read RSS feeds from the five newspapers that initially covered the WikiLeaks Cable Gate case. After processing the data, the software generated and delivered a […]