Landscape and gaze to the modes of describing events was a research-creation project aiming to analyze and visualize the discursive events articulated and published by the Chilean digital media, which in general terms contribute to shape the local political landscape.

Technically speaking, the project consisted in the development of a software and the design of an interface and a system of information visualization. Conceptually speaking, it was also a critical study on information visualization techniques and its methods, with special attention to the modes in which political information is delivered by electronic newspaper’s platforms. The team was particularly interested in how the technical development and visual design methods which are usually employed within the so-called information visualization arena, relate to editorial discourses.

This project was funded by the Vice-rectory of Research and Development of the University of Chile and designed and developed by:

Diego Gómez-Venegas, project director.
Marcela Antipán Olate, design assistant.
Katterine Molina Campos, design assistant.
Óscar Llauquén Levi, programming.
Hermes Gamonal M., programming.

Project website

The software was developed with Processing.