Book: Algorithmic Mediations for Agonism

Algorithmic Mediation for Agonism (the book) is the publication of the first research-creation notes for the homonym project developed by the Design and Agonism group at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Chile. The book presents a conceptual introduction and a brief bibliographic discussion about the role technical media could be playing in the fields of design and architecture, while we see and understand them through a critical lens –beyond their mere professional scopes– searching for confrontational agencies in them. Similarly, that introduction asks whether speculation and research –as an alternative to the traditional academia’s canon– can get involved with artistic creation to, precisely, creatively inquire on how media cultures are shaping the practices related to the space of design, which at the end, are the responsible for materially configuring cultures. Finally, this publication also presents visual documentation showing the research-creation processes around these questions, to then sketching a methodological cycle, as well as a critical gaze about the epistemic and aesthetic scope of design and architecture.

* The book is in Spanish only.
** Book design by Pablo Marchant Catalán.
*** The book was funded by Chile’s National Council of the Arts and Culture through a FONDART grant.