[This note is, for now, only available in Spanish. Entschuldigen Sie.] Con Arqueología aquí, no queremos hablar de la ciencia y práctica que, literalmente, desentierra objetos y trozos de antiguas civilizaciones, como se ha dado, por ejemplo, con los mausoleos egipcios o con las momias chinchorro en el norte de Chile. Alternativamente, más bien, queremos referir […]

Cibernética [1]

[This note is, for now, only available in Spanish. Entschuldigen Sie.] El pensamiento cibernético está teniendo un interesante y a la vez excitante resurgimiento en algunos campos de estudio –particularmente en aquellos, tal como era previsible, donde se busca impulsar con fuerza los desarrollos y asociaciones transdisciplinarias en torno a las tecnologías y las culturas mediales. Resurgimiento […]

Friedrich Kittler

[This note is, for now, only available in Spanish. Entschuldigen Sie.] Friedrich Kittler, estoy convencido, es un pensador alemán cuya obra debe entrar, con decisión –y en mi opinión también con urgencia–, a las discusiones contemporáneas en arte, humanidades y ciencias sociales que se desarrollan en español. Con una prolífica obra que generalmente se divide […]



On June 2017 in Santiago, Chile, the first issue of the journal Canal: cuadernos de estudios visuales y mediales [Channel: Notebooks on Visual and Media Studies] was published. As an academic initiative to articulate transdisciplinary and contemporary thinking and discussions on visual and media cultures, the project included a series of original articles by researchers […]



As a farewell activity from the Department of Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Chile, I organized two colloquia to discuss relevant topics which, in my understanding, play a key role when one is willing to move design, insofar as a University field, closer to contemporary thought. One of […]


Searching for Euclid

Searching for Euclid was a collaborative, algorithmic piece aiming at exploring the limits between algorithmic machines and the human body, as well as the frictions and the aesthetics the could emerge from those limits. It was developed as a satellite work for the Emovere project – a choreographic and sound enterprise – which was concerned […]



The project INFORME: Device for activating and experimenting a non-space, is a temporary device for activating and experimenting a non-space. Created by a team formed by Cristián Gómez-Moya, Mario Marchant Lannefranque, Daniel Opazo Ortíz, and myself, and installed at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Chile, it consisted of designing a capsule to develop a […]


Book: Algorithmic Mediations for Agonism

Algorithmic Mediations for Agonism is a book whose goal is to share notes and reflections, as well as the methods and processes developed by the Design and Agonism group at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Chile. The book presents a conceptual introduction and a brief bibliographic discussion about the role technical media could be playing in […]


Algorithmic Mediations for Agonism

Algorithmic Mediations for Agonism was a research-creation project developed by the Design and Agonism group, aiming to pursue an inquiry on how technical and technological apparatuses (more specifically, those algorithmically conditioned) could mobilize (or being themselves) agencies for dissensus and confrontation. The project had several phases and processes, and designed and developed several prototypes and tests (only two of them are shown here.) Among those processes […]


Remoteness of Light

Remoteness of Light is a research-creation project done in co-authorship with Bárbara Echaíz Bielitz as a discussion on darkness, light, and the design of nature; presented at the Dynamics of Darkness in the North conference in Reykjavík, Iceland during February 2015. The project aimed, firstly, to reflect on how technical developments (in this case one based […]


Landscape and gaze to the modes of describing events

Landscape and gaze to the modes of describing events was a research-creation project aiming to analyze and visualize the discursive events articulated and published by the Chilean digital media, which in general terms contribute to shape the local political landscape. Technically speaking, the project consisted in the development of a software and the design of an interface and a system […]


Info Leaks Posters

Self-reflecting project, whose aim was to study and explore the algorithmic visualization of techno-political information. It consisted in the development of a small piece of software, written in Processing, to read RSS feeds from the five newspapers that initially covered the WikiLeaks Cable Gate case. After processing the data, the software generated and delivered a […]


Central Monitor · Central Node

Central Monitor · Central Node was a software, an interface, and a platform to visualize and navigate through what I then called techno-political imaginaries (2011). It allowed to read thousands of the so-called cables leaked by WikiLeaks in late 2010 — originally they would have been actual cables, sent using telex technology — in what […]


Visualizations for IEB

Media art project (part of Individual Efforts B) for the critical exploration and analysis of worldwide economic data and its meaning/no-meaning as such. It consisted in (a) the collection and parsing of public databases from the World Bank, (b) the development of a software, written in Processing, which (b1) mined the collected data, and (b2) visualized […]


Individual Efforts B

Individual Efforts B was an interactive installation for the critical exploration and analysis of global economic data and its meaning. It sought to provoke an uneasy reflection on how statistical and institutional apparatuses inform and are informed by political-economic discourses – visitors received no information other than the posters and a small label on the […]


Individual Efforts A

Individual Efforts A was a video installation that sought to introduce and problematize the Cybersyn case as a key historical precedent for examining the science-technology-politics complex from a media arts perspective. Part of a two-piece series, it was presented in the group show I am Here Now mounted at UCLA New Wight Gallery in Los […]